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Children's Train Station by David Barbour Architecture

A Children's Train Station and a McDonalds

The tragic death of a young girl from an obscure disease and the lack of adequate medical care to save her, lead to the creation of the Maria Ferrari Children’s Wing of the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, New York. As part of the environment created specifically for children and their visiting families, a playful food court was included in the new Children’s Wing. One patron of the Children’s Center donated a locomotive engine to be incorporated, in some way, into the design of the food court.
McDonald’s Corporation, as a prospective tenant, engaged David Barbour Architects to design a new, playful restaurant addition to the Children’s Wing, which incorporates the 40 year-old locomotive engine into a fanciful addition. The design is intended to suggest an antique train station. Patient children, their healthy siblings and their parents can depart the train station in their imagination and go to any destination.
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