David Barbour is a very talented architect providing full services. David designed 3 projects for us on the same house from 2002-2012. The first project took a ranch house he had designed in 1995 and turned it into a two story house adding a brilliant stair tower. The second project seamlessly added another 2 bedrooms. The last project restored the backyard after Hurricane Sandy and integrated the terrace, sliding doors in the living room and an awning to fully complete the design of the house and create a better indoor/ outdoor living experience.


David was creative, easy to work with, and very talented. David has a keen eye for many architectural details that enhance the creativity of the house, are very balanced and symmetrical providing many pleasing spaces in the house. He provided us with much needed storage, interesting ceilings shapes, a fabulous roof line and a very special house.

Deej and Deb


Excellent understood our vision and suggested changes that were germane to the style of our old home. Also personally pleasant to work with.



I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with David Barbour for 25 years and have always been impressed with Davids keen eye and astute design aesthetic with all things architecture



There are many Bridgeport residents who deserve to be celebrated, but David Barbour is certainly at the top of the list. Congratulations David for your one man show at the Discovery Museum!



“David is not only a great architect; he is a great community activist,” said former US Comptroller General David Walker. “



“David is a special person,” said Ernest Trefz, one of the most successful McDonald’s franchi-sees in the world and a Barbour client for years. “He is gifted with a great creative mind. Above all, he’s flexible, whether working on a mansion or a three-family house on the East Side of Bridgeport.” Barbour has consistently helped the city he lives in, while working across the Gold Coast earning his living.





David Barbour saved a beloved community market from demolition and spared a neighborhood with triple-decker homes and single-family homes the scar of a six-story condo complex in its center.

“They wanted to build a six-story condo in a three-story neighborhood,” says Jack Collins, a longtime Black Rock advocate. “David stepped in, pro bono, and sketched a drawing for the zoning board that convinced them of the project's inappropriateness for the neighborhood.”

I have only the most positive things to say about my experience working with David - his professionalism, talent, and integrity. I am happy speak to anyone considering hiring David.



“David Barbour is a tremendous architect, but he’s also a visionary,” said David Killeen, Stratford Town Planner. “Where other people shrug at a space, he sees an asset.”



“With other architects, it takes meetings―and a check―to get anything started,” said former mayoral candidate Rick Torres. “When I describe a dream to David, he's sketching on a napkin before I can finish speaking.”



I worked with David on a complete house and yard renovation which took a year to plan and a year to build. It was a 1954 cape style house which needed a full renovation as well as expansion. We had lived in it for 6+ years so had a very clear vision of how we wanted it changed.


He did a wonderful job of listening to our goals and objectives and designing them into a plan that worked from an architectural standpoint. We have now lived in the house for 2 years and are very happy.



David’s work is top notch and includes buildings and things you see every day right down to the unique design he came up with for the lamps at Saint Mary’s by the Sea.

He also restored Barnum’s old neighborhood, an award-winning project that combined historic preservation with affordable housing involving 10 buildings:

www .youtube.com/watch?v=HITLVYPcXXY


Some other local work: Ferry Terminal Building, Lofts 881, Holiday Inn, Audubon Birdcraft Museum, Burroughs Community Center, St. Ann’s Parish Center, East Side Neighborhood Revitalization, William Street Redevelopment.



I hired David Barbour to expand and add outside space to my 1920's home. I was very concerned about preserving the unique architectural character of the house. David listened to my ideas and concerns; he came back with designs that incorporated all my needs and made the additions look like an integral part of the house in ways I had not envisioned. He is very creative. I was very pleased with the end result and would not hesitate to consult him again or to recommend his services to my friends.

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