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This is Our Process

Step 1: We meet and have initial discussions


We meet with you, generally at your home or business. We get to know one another, a bit, to figure out if there is a good fit between us. Sometimes we bring a portfolio of our work. Sometimes we refer our clients to our website to see some of our past projects. If we mutually feel the fit is right, we prepare an agreement to provide architectural services.


Step 2: Pre-Design information gathering + documentation


We discuss and clarify your goals, needs, and requirements. We help create a written “program” of these goals and needs for use during design. We visit the site, review the existing conditions and take as-built measurements of the existing conditions. We create a set of as-built drawings (simple floor plans and elevations). A surveyor is typically contacted at this stage to produce a site survey of the property. We ask you to collect images from magazines, places you’ve seen, and for home projects, sources like for images that appeal to you. We find that images, oftentimes communicate more clearly than words.

Step 3: Schematic Design

During this phase of the architectural design process, we will take the information we’ve gathered from you and through our field surveys to create various design concepts for your consideration. We present these ideas in the form of sketches, so you can visualize the possible directions your project might take. We will also, typically, include a rough cost estimate along with the designs to aid you in selecting a design that meets both your aesthetic and functional preferences and budget requirements. We welcome your ideas and input at this stage, as we do throughout the project.

Architectural Drawing

Schematic Design Sketches

Architectural Drawing

Step 4: Design Development


Based on your review and input on the Schematic Design, we move on to Design Development. The graphics evolve from sketches into actual architectural drawings at this step. We develop larger scale, developed drawings including larger scale drawings floor plans, developed exterior elevations and developed interior elevations, building sections, architectural details, preliminary finish selection and preliminary lighting plan to refine and clarify the design. We present the Design Development drawings to you for review and feedback. With our assistance, you continue to make decisions at an increasingly specific level of detail.

David Barbour Architects Art

Design Development Drawings

Step 5: Construction Documents

Based on your review and comments on the Design Development drawings, we continue to refine the design. We proceed to develop fully developed Construction Documents including detailed floor plans, detailed exterior elevations, building section(s), door/ window/ room finish schedules, detailed lighting/ electrical plans and additional details to refine, clarify and accurately describe the scope and character of the design. We review the Construction documents with you for your review and input as we develop them.

Step 6: Selection of a General Contractor


General contractors are interviewed and a good fit is established. Sometimes our clients just know who they want to partner with (based on a strong recommendation or a specific building philosophy, etc.) and they skip the interview step. Sometimes we assist our clients in bidding out the project to several builders.


Step 7: Construction

The documents and drawings for the project are now complete and construction begins. Typically we are retained to answer questions, deal with clarifications and administer revisions if necessary. We protect the interests of our client and the integrity of the design during construction. We review the contractor’s invoices. We review overall costs and scheduling and monitor the quality of the work.

Floor Plan Design
Floor Plan Design
David Barbour Architects Process
David Barbour Architects Process

We ask our client to gather inspirational images.

David Barbour Architects Photos

Existing Photos

Architectural Floor Plan

As-Built Drawings

Survey of Existing Property

Architecture Property Survey
David Barbour Architects Drawing
Floor Plan Design
Floor Plan Design
Home Remodeling
Home Remodeling

Step 8: Moving In

Interior Architecture
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