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Architectural Drawing

Saint Ann Gym, Church, Convent and Library

For years, St. Ann’s School shuttled their students across town for gym classes and also needed to rent space in
other churches facilities for social and religious events. With the help of David Barbour Architects’ creative
design, the members of the Parish were able to raise the necessary funds to build a new Parish Center.

David Barbour Architects included several unique design features in the building. The large overhead glass doors allow for natural light to stream into the hall and, during warm weather functions, can be opened to permit occupants to easily stroll in and out of the building. The building includes light monitor on top of the roof, which allows the basketball court to be naturally lit while not distracting players with direct sunlight.

The exterior of the building includes brick with random stone inset and expressive masonry buttresses, which are in aesthetic sympathy with the architecture of the original St. Ann’s Church. The floor of the new building was lowered into the ground to keep it in scale with existing campus building to which it is attached. The gently sloping ramp, which connects the existing upper level and main floor level, also serves as additional spectator area. People love to watch basketball games from these overlooks.

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